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Gumdo Dojo Testing our JH-6101


We took a field trip down a Gumdo dojo in Los Angeles to let them test out
our new JH-6101. This is the T10 Handmade Kill Bill Katana Sword. The master
performed several cuts with the sword to test it out. Here is one the cuts performed
that day.

Test Cutting with HM-233BK Light Weight Cutter


This is footage from the second and third meeting of the Cutting Squad. We
put them together to show off the HM-233BK Light Cutter. The sword has become
a favorite in the Cutting Squad. The sword cuts really clean and is really light
weight. So far we have been very impressed with the T 10 steel but this was
a whole new level. I was very worried when I first held the sword due to its
light weight, but it held up through some really hard use. The light weight
of the blade actually was the highlight of the sword. The sword is really fast
but still cuts really clean…check out the milk jug if you don’t believe me.

First Meeting of the Cutting Squad


This is a clip from the first meeting of the Cutting Squad. I recut the movie
from the original SwordnArmory Version and changed the sound track.

The Cutting Squad meets up every Friday to cut. We allow anyone to cut who
can handle a sword safely. So far we have had everyone from Stunt women to
Wushu Martial Artists cut with us. All of us are amateur cutters. Stay tuned
for new movies.

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