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Gumdo Dojo Testing our JH-6101


We took a field trip down a Gumdo dojo in Los Angeles to let them test out
our new JH-6101. This is the T10 Handmade Kill Bill Katana Sword. The master
performed several cuts with the sword to test it out. Here is one the cuts performed
that day.

Cutting Squads First Backyard Cutting Movie


Untitled Document

The Cutting Squad’s First Time Back Yard Cutting.

We used the JH-233 Light Cutter and the F-119 Medium Cutter.

Product Review: Authentic Tamahagane Shirasaya Wakizashi Tanto Sword


This is the video for the “Authentic Tamahagane Shirasaya Wakizashi Tanto Sword”.

This is a true sword made by Tamahagane steel. It has been forged by Master Takemoto. He is the first chinese sword smith to use Tamahagane to forge swords. This an extremely rare piece for serious sword collectors.  After the forging of the blade the sword was professionally polished with multiple grade stones. The Wakizashi comes full tang and razor sharp with a thin edge finish.

You can watch the video in HD by clicking the “HD” button.

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